The game is played in an industrial building environment with playfields measuring 85 meters in length, 51 meters in width, and 38 meters in height. The main environmental props include a pool that measures 42 square meters, four different types of real warship models used to represent each player's ships on the grid, two missile launchers, an air defense system, and several industrial fans that can be switched on and off. In addition, there is an 18-meter-high elevator that leads to the Control Center, which gives access to holographic displays and two grid panels providing players with strategic information.



The game is based on the grid-based "battleship" games originated in the 1930s.
Each player has their own 10x10 grid, on which they place their ships.
Once both players have finished generating their fleets, the game can begin.
Players take turns choosing a square on the opponent's grid to launch missiles.
If the attack hits, the corresponding square on the opponent's grid is marked as a hit. If the attack misses, the square is marked as a miss.
Ships can be placed horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally.
Ships cannot be placed touching each other in any direction, including diagonally.
Ships can be placed anywhere on the board, but they must be completely contained within the boundaries of the board.
Players cannot move their ships once the game has started.
The game ends when one player sinks all ships of their opponent's fleet.
In single-player mode, you can adjust the strength level of the computer AI.
The types of ships and their size in squares are as follows: Carrier (5), Battleship (4), Cruiser (3), and Submarine (2).